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Despite All My Rage, I Am Still Just A Leo In A Boxo, Interactive Multimedia Performance, 2019
Speech detection software transcribes my words and music for the audience from within my virtually soundproof box.

SCReeNS, Multimedia Performance, 2017
The audio from my guitar affects animations in real-time, while othr animated cues instruct my playing.

Soundman vs. Muteman, Multimedia Performance, 2018
The audio from my guitar affects various animated elements in real-time.

Capital Dawn/Dusk, Multimedia Performance, 2017
Real-time stock market data fluctuations cause the sun to rise or set, acting as a visual cue for my peformance.

King of the City, Multimedia Performance, 2014
The audio from my guitar triggers and affects animations in real-time.

Deep Into The Blue, Multimedia Performance, 2011
The tempo of my guitar playing controls the speed of the animations, the pitch of the bass guitar notes determine the color palette, and the drums pulse and shake the animations.

Toast, Interactive Multimedia Installation, 2010
Viewer interaction with the toaster triggers different videos and effects.


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